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Jacob Costume from Lost

Last update: August 30, 2010

The Jacob character in Lost was by far my favorite, and I loved the costume as well.
This year I decided to make it for my husband because he resembles Mark Pellegrino enough
to pull it off really well. The costume was very fun to make, here is how I did it!
There is a link above to more photos from a shoot I did with my husband at the beach.


I was lucky to find a pair of brown linen pants in the large sizes at a women's discount clothing store (Jo-mar) and simply took them in.

The cream/tan fabric is linen as well. On the right, the darker colored fabric is what it looks like when wet. When making clothing with linen, be sure to wash it first! It will shrink.

The Shirt

I used a shirt that already fit my husband for the pattern. Just laying it out on the fabric and drawing around it with pencil to get the sizing... adding a bit here and there for length and appropriate hem length.

The Collar

I drew the pleats to give me a pattern when creating the bib collar

Starting in the middle I worked my way out pleating, ironing, pinning as I went.

This is what it looked like when I removed the pattern.

I sewed on a piece of fabric on the pleats because the pins were too loose

Making sure it's the right size before sewing it on.

The pleats didn't hold on their own, so I had to sew them.


I like the dirtier Across the Sea look and so I decided to weather the tunic

Mark Pellegrino in his Jacob costume and my husband in his...

Using lemongrass and ginger tea I aged it slightly yellow by wetting a papertowel and touching it and rubbing it on top of the wrinkles.

Brown shoe polish works really well for adding a faded dirty look. I rub it on a napkin to make sure it's not going to come off to heavy, but if it does, it can be cleaned with water and soap.

To see more photos of my husband as Jacob click here