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Jacob's Scales from Lost

Last update: March 1, 2010


Jacob's white and black rock scale

In Jacob's Cave of Names there were two rocks, one black and one white
balanced on a set of scales. After Jacob's brother has Ben kill Jacob he takes Sawyer
to the cave, lifts the white rock and tosses it into the ocean, claiming it's
an 'inside joke'. The meaning I derived from this interaction, the symbolism
and the rest of the mythology is that the scales represent the powers that
Jacob and his brother have discovered/agreed to and while the game
was in play, so long as they followed the rules, they remained equal.

When Jacob's brother found his loophole and essentially ended the game, he
tossed Jacob's rock into the ocean, a symbolic gesture that he won.

Of course, we know he didn't.

Here is an image of the scales from the cave and from the auction photo:

From analyzing the photos it looks to me that the stand, chain and the disks
are rusted metal and the dowel on the top is old wood.

After searching Home Depot, Lowes and various hardware stores, and not finding
objects that could be easily modified, I gave up on making it out of genuine metal.

For the disks, I found press lights about the right shape and size at Bed Bath and Beyond.
A chain and bag of black rocks from Micheal's Craft Store.

First I disassembled the light, cut out the portion of the plastic I wanted, sanded the edges,
poked holes into the disks and then because it was too perfectly
rounded, I used some candle heat to deform it.

Be careful when heating not to breathe the fumes and have cold water handy
to dip it in so you can hold the shape you want.

To get the length of the chain, I actually counted the links and put this
comparison picture together to test the look of it.

In order to get the scale to... well scale, I increased the size of the image I had
to match the size of my chains, and then we (my husband helped with the next part)
simply measured the dowel directly and the wood for the base. And then
he went to work with his cool power tools... granted, without a drill press,
this is really a contestant for a 'there I fixed it' submission. haha!

In order to get the base reinforced he put in two metal pieces that just missed
each other going through the center piece.

I thought about asking him to wear his Jacob costume as he made this... this was actually our
Valentines Day 'date' after a nice dinner. What could be more romantic than working on a fun
project like this together??

The base before paint.

To test both the color of the paint and if it would stick to the plastic, I used some
of the same plastic from the light:

What I found was that the paint needed texturized to get the rust effect.

Webbing I still had left over from the Sauron Helmet worked beautifully!
I'm so glad I keep things.

Next I used black and red together at the same time rather than before one
dried completely. Close up examination will reveal it was WAY too shiney to
look like rust. So, I used dirt to make it dusty...

And here is the finished product compared to the original:

And bonus! After taking apart the light I realized something... I have a useless LIGHT!

I know what I want my next Lost project to be...