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Jacob's Tapestry from Lost

Last update: February 28, 2010

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Below is the prop analysis.

The cut off corner of Jacob's Tapestry was stuck into the wall of the
cabin and found by Ilana as a message to where she should
look for him. The size of the tapestry prop varies. The version that
Ilana holds is much smaller than the one that Bram holds.
It also looks like it's made from a different type of fabric, with Ilana's
matching Jacob's original weave in his chamber.

Here is a close up of the types of fabric of the cut off piece from auction (Bram's)
compared to a s screen shots of Jacob weaving. Neither of the above are true
tapestries either. The first looks as if the dark portion is actually painted on, while
the bottom image is obviously embroidered.

A real tapestry would have the color threads woven into the fabric as part of it .

When looking at the full 'tapestry', it is possible that the dark parts
were painted on (not the fading on the first brown line) with embroidery
on top to add the yellow color that seems to have a shadow.
This is the best resolution I've found. If you are the one who
bought this tapestry, I would LOVE to have some close up shots. :)

I chose to copy the embroidered version, but I used a fabric
that looks much more like the tapestry that Jacob is weaving.

Click to see the Step By Step Embroidery