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Star Wars Birthday Party

Last update: March 24, 2010

Danny's 8th Birthday Star Wars Party!

This photo was on the front of the invitation.

Revenge of the Younglings!!
Anakin offers to spar and quickly finds himself out numbered.
Thanks so much to Stevo for being such a great sport!!


Obi-wan Kevobi and R2D2 host a game.
Two teams... Highest scoring teams choose their Star Wars Ring first.


Obi-wan Times the Padawan's in a Lightsaber Obstacle Course
Fastest chooses first their Star Wars Character Masks

I sketched the face of the character.
Cut the shape in paper
Traced it on to craft foam
Heated with iron and formed the shape
Paint... add a coat of mod podge.
And string elastic.

What is Droid Cake without Blue Milk?

    Blueberry Kool-aid in milk - add sugar!
It tastes like a shake - add a scope of
vanilla ice cream and it's REALLY good.

Death Star Pinata!

Beach Ball Paper Mache Pop the ball, take it out and Paint
Fill it with candy, glue on a paper plate
over the hole.

After the party, Anakin and Obi-wan
posed for photos with the kids.