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Ring Con Tacoma - Friday

Last update: March 24, 2010

Friday - Saturday - Sunday


The first person I got a picture with was Pax from
Ravenswood Leather.
(this is edited from before, I've been in contact with Ravenswood)
This picture does not do him justice in any way. The costume was amazing and beause I'm so tall you can't see it much,
but he was a REALLY big guy and one look just disarmed any of the ladies walking by.
Ravenswood Leather was the vender that dressed the actors for the costume party on Saturday night.

They will be auctioning off the pants worn by Jorn and Bruce - which they signed.
For information go to or their website

This is Jennifer in her Helm's Deep Costume!
I was so thrilled to meet her. She has been using the
Haldir's Elven Archer Tutorial site to build her armor.

After his One on One session, Jorn hung out to take photos and sign autographs. I waited in line with Jennifer to get this picture.

Jorn's T-shirt says "I survived Helm's Deep" He played Rumil, Haldir's brother, in Lord of the Rings as well as several other
Elves and extra parts, including the elven armor during the Helm's Deep battle.

What a great guy... very sweet to talk to and interested in his fans. To see more pictures of him and this convention,
and to learn more about him, check out his
official web page. To talk to him you can post on his Official Forum.

Walking through the con we began very early on to see some great costumes. Here are two dwarves.
On the left is Paul Pfarr. He was amazing from the first time I saw him through to the end, he was always interacting and in character.
His website is
He was REALLY funny and talented...

On the right is Casey in a Gimli costume made by Jen Runningdeer of The Masquerade Lab.
It was so popular it ended up tying first place in the audience cheer costume cocntest on Saturday.
The armor was made out of paper mache and fun foam... sound familiar anyone??

At the dinner Friday night Bruce took pictures of the guests and I had to get a picture of him doing it. *L*
It was really a very relaxed time and great fun. I didn't get pictures of all the antics, but there were toasts made and songs sung.
Many said this was the best part of the entire convention.

I was very jazzed that Bear who is the web mistress of was coming to the con!
We had met for the first time (besides on line) at Dragoncon this past August, but that was so hectic.
As soon as I saw her I buzzed over to talk and take a photo. We ended up spending more time together this weekend.

GREAT GAL!! Love you Bear!

Here are just a couple pictures I took at the dinner of the guest of honor table. Not the greatest... but I like candid shots so...

And THIS beautiful lady is Rebecca. One of the highlights of any con is when someone who knows me from the web introduces themselves.
And that's just what Rebecca did, but she hadn't seen my website, she had seen me on
Craig Parker's Fan Forum and wanted to meet ALL of us.
It was really sweet of her, and we were very glad to meet the 'lurker'. *heh*

Ah... here is one of the toasts. That's Ron Cleveland giving it. I forgot what he said, probably to those who came and what not.

This is another toast... or the same one... bad memory.

My friend Dan'a helped me get the courage up to show pictures of the Haldir armor to Craig
and Jorn saw what I was doing and came over. (what a guy... I really liked him alot)

It was something pretty amazing to be able to show Craig the costume creation he had helped to inspire...
When I told him I had spent the last 9 months studying pictures of him, he apologized!! *LOL* yeah... it was SUCH a hardship.
Thanks so much to Dan'a for helping me get this moment, and then taking the time to capture it in photo's,
since I was so caught up in what was going on to even think about it.

Here I am explaining how I made the armor, and as you can see there was a line forming to talk to Craig.
He was showing so much interest that I probably could have gone on for a while,
but I tried to be a good girl and stop myself to give others a chance.

Oh... he also looked through my daytimer and started reading my 'to do' and 'to bring' list!!! And I wrote down EVERYTHING. Urk!
I don't know how much of it he got through before I embarrasingly covered it. Naughty snoopy elf.

And just for the record, anything you've ever read about how charming and sweet Craig is, is absolutely true.

A friend of mine, CRIZ, drew up a bunch of cartoons of me in armor and what not
and to thank her I wanted to get a picture of Craig looking at them.
Not only was he more than happy to pose, he recognized her style because she had sent him some drawings
and he loved them! Jorn thought they were really funny too.

This was a bit later when Dan'a was speaking with Jorn.

This was a typical Craig antic. This woman was dressed as an elf
and instead of just posing for a picture with her, he excused himself and grabbed a roll.
Then he proceeded to gut it and make dough ears to wear during the picture. *L*

This is Craig with Brenda, someone Dan'a and I met at the dinner and ended up palling around with the entire weekend
It's so fun to meet new people at these things!

This picture was inspired by a drawing CRIZ had done.

I wanted to get a shot with Jorn, but he was busy talking and didn't see me.
So I told Brenda to go ahead and take it anyway and we got this bit of silliness.

Jorn was a very gentle spirit, I felt very comfortable talking with him, not at all like a 'celebrity'.
He brought me a gift of arrows from our mutual friend Ann and an award for my
"Rumil's Secret Diary" entree on his webpage.

Here's a shot of Bruce talking to fans. He was really great with everyone too.
He LOVES to tell stories and is very animated... at times he really hams things up too. *L*

I didn't get to talk to him until well after the dinner, but he also showed a great interest in the armor,
and as he left the con even told me to keep up the creativity. It made me feel great that he remembered and mentioned it!

Here's Bruce's Official Webpage

This was an unplanned shot of Jorn being filmed. I was just shooting a large shot of the celeb table
and happened to catch this angle with Jorn in the film window. *L* Makes him look like a super star or something.

I'm also tempted to make a comment about elves and their ears... but I shall resist.

Craig made the rounds to some of the tables and I caught him with my friends from Craig Parker's Fan Forum.
They had a shirt for him and all signed it and he posed for pictures with them as a group.
They explained to him how we all came together as friends because of our mutual addiction... uh, I mean attraction...
wait... I think they said affection erm... maybe admiration, yeah, that's it... our mutual admiration of him.

Here is another one of my friends from CPFF, having a candid moment with Craig.
That was one of the best parts about the con... the one on one panels and Q&A forums were great,
but you find out in moments like these that it's not just an act... these guys are truely funny and warm people
who respect and have a lot of genuine interest in their fans.


Me and Rebecca
Since I'm on a roll, I'll mention that she reminds me of my favorite female vocalist, Sade
but I'll refrain from making any more comparison pictures...

as difficult as that is...

Bruce and Dan'a

This was the harpist showing Bruce how to play.

And Dan'a took a moment to play a song as well.

This is Craig and Bear hanging out after the dinner.

After this I put my camera away for the evening... but the fun didn't end there.
Despite being really tired, we headed upstairs for a couple room parties for a bit.
I got to meet and talk to Ron about the convention and found out he does Ren Faires as well.
The following day I discovered that influence was a huge bonus to this Tolkien Convention.