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Ring Con Tacoma - Saturday

Last update: March 24, 2010

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

We were a bit tired, so we arrived too late to see the Seattle Knights or the Q & A,
So we strolled around and I took pictures of some of what was going on.

Music seemed to always be playing in the lobby. It added to the atmosphere even if you didn't stop to listen.

Sometimes there was dancing.

Later we caught this lesson being taught. I didn't join, though I've always wanted to belly dance...

Let the Orc win...

Here was the fairy wing table. My new friend Brenda made some for her fairy costume she wore that night,
with the help of the woman holding the gold wings.

A helpful hobbit sitting in the hall.

This is Rachel, otherwise known as "Rippin" (dressed as Pippin... get it? *heh*)
She was sitting at the
Northwesternesse table, a Seattle Yahoo group for LOTR fans.

The dealers rooms. As you can see, it was pretty packed, but still easy to get around... and lots of goodies to choose from!

After browzing around for a bit we went back into the main room where autographs were being signed.

The line was really long and it took forever, so some people were fighting to keep their spots.

(Joke Disclaimer: not really)

Even though I didn't opt to get an autograph, I hung out in the room some to talk to people in line
and take their pictures...

On the left is Marie from Haldir's Elven Archer's forum.
She didn't quite get her armor done, but the costume was still good as is!
Hopefully she'll email me when it is done! *hint hint*

In the middle is Barb - she's with Northwesternesse.

On the end is Dameon, the founder and director of the Seattle Knights

I also hung out to catch photos of Jennifer and Marie in their armor with the guys.

I was so happy for them to have their armor to show...

Jennifer brought her Haldir doll for Craig to sign it's cape.

And here she is with the elves who wore the armor!

Craig and Brenda

Here's Craig meeting Marie for the first time. I'm not sure, but while
he said he liked the costume, it sounded almost as if he didn't realize it was HIS armor.

Doesn't Marie make a gorgeous elf??

Another great picture.... That's a real bow she brought... very cool!

After I got all the pictures I wanted and we hung out for a bit later just to watch, we again took a stroll.

Aw... so sweet.

These two hotel guests were walking through the hall where we were meeting and though they weren't part of the con,
they were showing so much awe at what they saw and the lady in red said she felt she was in another realm.
So I had to ask if I could take a picture, just so I could remember the effect we weirdos have on some people.

It's not always fear and retreat... some actually like us!

And here is one of those surreal moments where fantasy meets reality... I love it. *L*

Pretty Orc lady... I LOVE that she posed for me like this!
I didn't even have to ask... she just got right in character... well okay, I'm lying.

I tried to touch her ear and she freaked. oops. my bad.

There were artists working right in the halls! Such talent... they had some finished work up in a gallery,
But it was great fun to watch them in progress as well.

I spoke for a while with Rebecca Shumacher. She's actually heard of Gapoxio!! Woowoo (the stuff I made my armor out of)
And she told me about the clay she was using, which is similar, and a lot cheaper.
Plus it cures slower! No rush to get done in less than an hour!
So... I'm going to be trying out some new stuff when I get a chance....
I may even get back into serious sculpting!

That's another thing I love about cons - you get so inspired. Even if you don't do something right then,
you take ideas about costumes and crafts and writing with you when you leave.

Frodo as a child... gorgeous little boy... very well behaved too.
Almost made me want to bring my little hobbits to Toronto.

Three fairies and a dwarf...

After dinner (we ordered a pizza - thanks Jorn for the idea!)
Then we got dressed for the costume party.

In the hall we saw a Pirate on the phone... AWESOME costume. I waited around for him, and took a picture with this scottsman while I waited.

These are the kinds of costumes that let you know attendees were Ren Faire serious... not just Tolkien newbies (like me)

Not shown are three Kiwi's looking on... at least one of which making my night with a few flattering compliments on my costume...
I did sheepishly ask for a photo, but it was a rushed time and I was quiet, and they showed interest in Brenda's
"Mr. Wonderful" doll
so we let them squeeze his tummy to hear his comments, and then they were led swiftly away until later in the evening.

The photos in the dark ballroom didn't come out so well, but I did my best to doctor them up.

The guys were in fact outfitted by Ravenswood Leather

I had said here that the Rohan warrior indulged in the PIckle Lady's mortal antics, while both elves remained coy and declined.
BUT, I've been told that this is not the pickle lady, it was a pirate... . oops!

oh, and HI RON! *LOL*

I think this is Craig explaining that it's nothing personal, he just doesn't like pickles...

The following pictures are a bit out of order I think, but they are all of the costume contest...
I'll do my best to remember... Again with the dark room problem...

They judged the contest by having the audience cheer... It may have been chaotic,
but it was all in fun and didn't take as long as one might expect for as many
participants as there were.

This is the youth contest. Birdie, the Arwen at the end on the right won...
Her friends in the competition were really happy for her... They were jumping up and down and cheering.

The Dragon in th middle tied for first place

Eowyn, elf, hobbits, elf, four hobbits, and on the end a BEAUTIFUL Fairy... there's a solo shot... Hi Brenda!!!

The lovely Scottsman, a she-pirate, Arwen, Eowyn, she-hobbit, and uh... others.

Here are a few of my favorites... Second from the left is an Ent Wife, very creative idea.
Fifth from the left is "Nerd-ord, son of Dweeb, hero of Rohan." *LOL*
Then JENNIFER in ELF ARMOR!! woowoo!!!
Gimil who also tied for first place, hobbit, and... not sure...

Not sure what's going on here.... Looks like the Emcee is doing something.... hmmm...

Dead center with the sword is another one of my favorite costumes... it's Sunny in her Eowyn armor! I wanted a close up, but sadly missed my chance.

To her right with the green hair is an Entwife... and more hobbits and elves all over...

And.. Hi ya Craig!

Here's another shot of Sunny I tried to get.. looks like a stalking photo. *heh*

I loved this woman's costumes... I wish I had a close up of her face, she really looked the part...

The tables were decorated with amazing pumpkin carvings! This doesn't show it well, but they really glowed beautifully!

Here is a shot of the dancing...

I've been told the guy in the white jersey with dark sleeves is Kevin, a Northwesternesse member.
His shirt says, "This is no mere Ranger." I wonder what that could mean...

I like to dance, but not fast dancing in my Galadriel dress. *L* So, after the contest we went about to get photos with friends.

Here I am with Rebacca and Gullum..... and again... ended up with two... hmmm. Double personalities?

A posed shot of Galadriel sending off one of her warriors.

Bruce had the same idea of hanging out in the halls and here he is with Dan'a and Brenda.

Here I am with Bruce, and he swiped Brenda's fairy wand for the shot. *L*

The Queens make a truce between our two peoples.

Again the room was dark so I had to mess with this photo... You can't see here, but he had fur pants, hooves, and even a tail...
Very adorable Satyr...

Here I am with Ron...

And Miranda/Keet from Jorn's Web Forum

Some fine looking pirates

I LOVE this shot... they look so wonderful!!!

The perfect shot of Galadriel sending off another Galadhrim elf...

Except for my HAIR falling all over the place! oh well...

Thanks for being such a sport, Jorn... it was a nice thought. *L*

Here's a more regal pose...

And THIS... worth at least $500, right guys?

Dave and Jorn know what I'm talking about... the guy we asked to take this for us was a real character.
Said he was a professional photographer and that I should expect his photo to be the best.

Well with these three subjects, he had his job cut out for him... *L*