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Ring Con Tacoma - Sunday

Last update: March 24, 2010

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

We got up later than we expected and though we rushed, we thought
we had missed the 10 o'clock panels...

But low and behold... it was Daylight Saving weekend, and they were just starting!!!

So I made it to a Tengware class taught by Sunny (Eowyn from the costume contest)
and got some pointers on writing really pretty Elvish letters....
Then I met up with my friends for the Q & A session.

I was pretty far away, so I had to try to enhance these photos... they're still bad though...
But they serve for adequate illustration to comments that I may remember...
However, I'm not going to give anything away that the guys might talk about
at future cons... no need to steal their thunder. *heheh*

But... I will give pointers to those going to cons as to what to ask about... *G*

See the empty mike? Someone was a little late...

A good question you can ask Jorn is how he got the role and what this audition was like.

If Craig is there to add his 'peanut gallery' comments about Jorn's experience, all the better.

Craig walking down stairs behind a table. ACTING! BRILLIANT!

I've forgotten why he did this... it was funny at the time... really. Guess you probably had to be there.

Rebecca laughing at Paul Pfarr. He came in saying it was his birthday...

Shortly after this, he sat down behind me and I was able to get him to ask a question for me about....what else but wearing armor!
Oh, and at another time, I didn't get the photo, but Marie was there with her armor and they used her as an example at one point.

I was going to try to ask a follow up question about how, the armor people fixed the armor when it broke on the set...
But it never seemed a good time to ask...

Here's a cartoon by CRIZ that she drew after I explained what I do.

That's right... duct tape. *L*

I don't remember what Bruce was doing... looks like demonstrating something?
There were many times where Bruce brought humor to the talk as well... and this looks like one of those moments.

A question to ask Bruce would be his favorite outtake moment that was filmed...
*hint - when he presented something to someone*

Another good question to ask Jorn is pranks the extras played on each other.
Or when Peter Jackson spoke to him.

Craig does a great job when he demonstrates voices of other characters he speaks for.
But don't waste your question by asking him to do his death scene... *L* It's not going to happen.

Geesh these pix are bad. I have no memory of what Craig was saying here.

With all that distortion Jorn sort of looks like Grocho Marx though...

*note to self - use zoom*

Craig talking about what it's like to shoot an arrow.
A good question to ask any of them... and ask if they were any good at it *heheh*

Craig Parker anything and he'll be funny in his answer.
He seems to take any situation as an oppertunity to bring smiles and he's sensitive enough that
you shouldn't worry about asking your question, even if you make no sense and/or flub what you want to say
or as some did, just stand there staring at him unable to speak...

He always managed to find a way to make it 'okay' and save the persons dignity... Quite an admirable talent.

The rest of the day we hung out as autographs were being signed, and walked around the rest
of the con as things were being taken down and packed up.

At this point I was running out of space on my camera and wanted to save some for the next day...

We sadly said our goodbye's and I admit, it was really hard to leave the hotel... I just didn't want it to be over.

Sadly, my batteries ran out right after this shot of one of Dan'a's beautiful dogs eating a treat...