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Celebration 2

Last update: March 25, 2010

Indianapolis, IN 2002

These photos were taken with a disposable camera
And I wrote the report about 2 years after it happened... so some things are a bit sketchy.

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Craig from OJA giving me a good grimace to help me with the comic book I was drawing of his story. I featured him as playing Jodo Kast and all the photos I had of him he was always smiling, so I needed something mean looking. Doug from 501st - in the hotel room we shared with him. The first night there was so much confusion because it was late and we didn't know each other, that we didn't find out until the morning that none of the 5 of us who shared the room ended up in the king size bed. This con was my first experience of the 501st. I watched as hundreds of Imperial clad costumers gathering for photos in the lobby. It was extrodinary... and I have it on video, fortunately. Only, I haven't figured out how to get that on line yet...


This is me in my Jedi gear posing with one of my favorite bounty hunters. A different one on a different day... and me in my TDH t-shirt Three of us from OJA finally meet up. Craig, Julia and Ed, or as we're known on line, Jodo Kast 3, Jedielfqueen and Reaper.