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Dragoncon 2003

Last update: March 25, 2010

Thursday and Friday ~ Saturday ~ Sunday

I didn't really know what to expect out of Dragon Con. Most of my on line friends had been to it before, so I knew a bit about the costuming and the partying, and prepared myself as best as possible, working up until the last day on my costumes. It came and went so fast it's almost like a blur... but here is my report as best as I can remember.

Thursday night we stood in line for an hour or so and during that time connected with some people through cell phone calls and met some people in line.

Friday morning Kev and I sat at the Rebel Legion table where we met several of our friends. This group was from the Pirates of the Caribbean Costuming List.

Cat as a Tortuga wench, Whitney as Elizabeth in the Purple dress, Andy as Will, Dan'a as Elizabeth in peach dress and Donna as another Tortuga wench

That first day we dressed as Jedi, I as a young Jocasta Nu and Kevin as Obi-wan Kenobi, both from Episode 2. We walked around the dealers room and ran into Mirax from The Dented Helmet, who was wearing her awesome Jango costume.

To see more on it go to her website

After doing our duty at the table, we then went to a spontaneous lunch with some characters we happened to find from the Obi-wan Jedi Academy

Lisa/Zardra, Jonathan/Admiral Talus, Craig/Jodo Kast 3, Julia/Jedielfqueen and Kev/Julia's huz

At one point someone had mentioned to me that there was a great Captain Jack Sparrow walking around. As all my friends can attest to, Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite movie and the best comedy I've seen since Galaxy Quest. Johnny Depp was incredible in it and I not only went to see it three times (so far) but I took the time to make my own Jack Sparrow costume even though my Elf Armor wasn't done yet!

So I knew I wanted to see anything at the con to do with pirates, but didn't think too much about this Jack until I caught a glimpse of him across the expanse of the con. He was amazing! He looked just perfect for the part and had the mannerisms and accent down perfectly. As I got closer I could have sworn he walked right out of the movie.

Unfortunately he ducked into the bathroom as I got closer so I ran off and got Kev with the camera, and caught him before he took off.

Later that day I changed into a dress I made based on Arwen's Blood Red Dress and here I am posing with Jonathan in his Costume Mandalore costume.

That night we all hung out at the Hyatt bar with all the other hundreds of people there. Craig was kind enough to spot us all a round and we drank to the 'togetherness' of the moment. Then, since Jonathan and Craig are always dueling on the boards, we wanted to get a shot of them pulling weapons on each other.

(This set doesn't enlarge)

Jonathan pulled first, but Jodo just stalled for a moment.

It seemed there was something wrong with his holster.

Lisa had pulled her weapon out on Jonathan, to give Craig time, but we didn't get that great shot.

Here's the final moment.

That night we happened to run into Brian and Lum from OJA too. It was the biggest group from that board that we ever found at one time and I'm glad we got the pic. In it I'm pointing to my OJA tag that Doug had created for us.