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Dragoncon 2012

Last update: September 27, 2012

Thursday and Friday - Friday Night - Parade - Saturday - Sunday and Monday

After eight years, we finally went back to Dragoncon...

This was on the plane way to Atlanta. Can you spot the fun beginning?

About these photos - I take photos of friends, costumes of characters I really like
and costumes I just think are really, really cool or original or well crafted.

Sometimes I don't even know what someone is dressed as... doesn't matter to me. *hehe*

If you see yourself, or if you know what someone is where I'm clueless,
please email me at
When I can get to it I will label the photo!

Some of these photos may be out of order because I had two cameras and
couldn't always tell when I took something...


And don't forget to click the photo to enlarge it!

On Friday we wore regular clothes until the evening when
we were going to the Lord of the Rings Bree Party (next page).

I went to two writing panels, and while in the other one I got some ideas on a couple short stories I want to write, this one I took photos because I went for my son who is an avid Star Wars Novel reader. I took notes and gave him the inside scoop on some of the burning questions fans have about the books. Best info about becoming a successul Star Wars novelist: you must be losing some of your hair and grow a goate. haha! Not helpful.

Above are:

This was a question and answer panel and I stood in line to thank the authors for being part of what got Danny reading 2 hours a night in 4th grade. I then showed the photo of Danny dressing up as Admiral Thrawn for Halloween in 5th grade even though nobody knew who he was. It was a hit with the Mr. Zahn, the other authors and the entire audience. And after Mr. Zahn was gracious enough to sign the photo for Danny. Great Dcon moment.
Very cool elves, not sure where, but that costume on the left is really neat! No clue, but how cool!
Nadine and Chris! At the time I didn't know who he was, I just wanted to go give him a hug because he seemed so friendly like a big LOTR wizard or something... I was close.
Diggledork from Harry Pothead or something.
I did a doubletake with this Captain Malcolm from Firefly. WOW!!! We were in the busy tradeshow area and I had to take a picture anyway... amazing corsette.
Whatever you do, don't click on the photo and read the guy on the right's shirt! Don't do it! He's a total creeper!!! haha! More MineCraft fun.
I don't know who they are but I love it. What a great posefor this costume. It looks familiar, but... can't place it.
The young lady on the left was standing with someone that a friend of mine knew (I think) and when I spotted her costume something inside me just got curious and I wanted to ask her about it.

(I do that - ask if I can touch too... at least I ask!!)

Anyway, so she goes into how she made it out of craft foam and how she uses this website called jedielfqueen.

We had quite a fun moment after I told her who I was!! It was one of the highlights of the entire convention for me. :)

If this is you and you are reading this, email me please!! I want to stay in touch.


Satines from Mulan Rouge. I love that movie so much.

"Yep" Muppets!

Very well done Blade. Loved the teeth special touch.

Count Dooku!

He wasn't dressed up, but I loved his Yukulali that looked like a Lute

This is why I love DragonCon.

My favorite Captain America costume - I just love the muted, era look better than the bright costumy one. And this guy was spot on....

Jamie, you rocked this con. This was not the only one paying homage either.

When I took this photo, I was so excited to see a Jayne from Firefly! Then I saw this hat on every 10th guy that walked by. I am exaggerating, but not by much.

The scariest thing about this costume was how skinny the guy really was!! Wow. Perfect body type costume.

I don't know, but so great.

Where are his coconuts???

This is another one of those costumes that I didn't have one clue and didn't care. She was adorable and I just had to get a picture. I can't even guess...

Again - not sure what they are, but really, really cool.

On the tenth floor going to the Legend of the Seeker costume photoshoot, who should we run into? Q, that's who! My friend Cindy as Darken Rahl

A couple of Caras

This photo is much wider if you click on it. In the center there is Peter Airborne as Richard

Thursday and Friday - Friday Night - Parade - Saturday - Sunday and Monday