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Stu's Orc Transformation

Last update: March 24, 2010

Opening Ceremony - Galadriel's Ball
Stu's Orc transformation by Gino

How Gino Acevedo turned this handsome elf into an Orc
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I've asked Stu to give his account with these photos. But there is a bit of a story leading up to how he got the role. It is well worth sharing...

He was my steward extrodinare... Not only was Stu my Celeborn escort at Galadriel's Ball, but he heroically stepped in wherever I needed him in the opening skit rehearsal. So thankfully he knew many parts and when someone had a misunderstanding with their hotel wake up call, Stu dressed in the costume and was ready to go on in his place!

Then, hen our player arrived, and we found out we had time, Stu graciously gave up his starring role to play the video man...

Later that day, by serendipity, it was mentioned in passing to me that my other steward Criz (famous for her wonderfully adorable cartoons) had agreed to take the place of the contest winner who didn't show.

She was to become an orc. Now... I know Criz is generous beyond compare... But I had suspicions about how it came about. My guess was that having prosthetics glued to her face in front of a room full of on lookers was probably not her cup of cocoa.

When I saw her I confirmed she was doing because they needed someone and had vision and skin sensitivity concerns. So... I told her to go find Stu... And he, again, stepped up... only this time, little to our knowledge, he was to be fulfilling a long time dream of his, as Gino Acevedo was one of the guests he most admired at the con!

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    With the teeth

Skull cap