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The Gathering in Toronto 2003

Last update: March 24, 2010

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Bruce Hopkins (Gamling) , Craig Parker (Haldir) and Mark Fergeson (Gil-Galad)
were the featured guests at The Gathering.

I never had my camera ready when I ran into them, so I have no pictures of my own.
Thankfully I have friends who have allowed me to post the pictures they took of us.

First we have Gary in the armor Stephanie made for him and Jose in his Elrond armor...

In the hall Bruce saw them and said he wanted to hang out with the elves.

Unfortunately MIke's camera didn't cooperate too well and it came out very grainy... :(

Then they waited in autograph line with me.
Jose said Mark's eyes lit up and he and Craig both told them what a great job they did.

The picture says it all.
Thanks so much to Stephanie for capturing this moment on her camera!

Thanks to my friend Julie from Haldir's Lovers Yahoo List for this great photo!

Stephanie took the obligitory pose for my friend CRIZ, who drew the cartoon.
(Craig's seen her work and loves it.
here's more)

Your standard "look, I met Craig" fan girl shot.

And then there was this gem that Stephanie sent...

It was quite incredible showing the final product to the inspiration himself. Craig was very gracious and complimentary, but really, the expression on his face would have been enough.

One final shot that Julie caught.

The autograph line.

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