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Gathering of the Fellowship - Fan Table

Last update: March 24, 2010

Fan Table - Costume Panel - Celebrities
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After the opening Cermonies we came out into the hall and set up our Fan Table.

It was more of a promotion to register participants in our Armor Workshop on Wednesday...

We had candy canes and toy rings as gifts from Santa Sauron and his Elf helpers.
With these cards attached to them:

Jose, notice who I put FIRST...

We also had a book of some photos of fan costumes and a book of CRIZ's artwork.

There was a lot of posing for pictures...

Vogle took this one of Haldir with Arwen

Another taken with Brenda's camera

I like to think of it as...

Galadriel sending out her favorite guardian to the battle of Helm's sDeep
(yeah, I'm a drama queen)

Brenda, me, Diana and Suzanne as... well, isn't it obvious who we're supposed to be?

Thanks to pipsqueek for this photo
(not sure what's going on with her jerkin there)

Suzanne and I were asked by a photographer from the London Times to pose for pictures.
He led us up two flights of stairs, outside and into the middle of Toronto traffic...
We gladly posed for many shots and I've looked on line
but couldn't find anything so I don't know if they made it in the paper or not.
We certainly would have liked to see those pix, since we RISKED OUR VERY LIVES for them.

If you are from England and got that paper, let me know if yo usaw us!

In the meantime HERE is an article where Suzanne was quoted.

And HERE is her awesome website about her costume!

Megolas is a friend of mine from on line... She's been using the tutorial site for a while.
I didn't know it was her until she emailed me this picture after the con!

Boromir ran into his baby sister...

Thanks to Vogle for this beautiful photo of Brenda as Arwen

Laheara took this great shot of Kev and Drew

When we weren't in costume, or signing people up, we relaxed, chatted, ate etc...

Here we have, Gary, Jose, me and Kev, my husband.
Gary's wife Stephanie also helped out, as did their friend MIke and Drew/Vogle from Haldir's Elven Archers Forum
... and of course, Toby/Jack Sparrow
Thanks to Toby for that picture...

When he wasn't Sauron, Toby dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow... He was quite a hit!
Here I am with my elf helmet to the side, donning Jack's leather hat...
To the right of my McDonalds cup is Celeborn's shoe.
Brenda and I were still working on them until right before the banquet

On Tuesday Gary and Jose suited up in their armor as well.


Suzanne as Arwen with a Mike as Aragorn

Here's Elrond lecturing Arwen about Aragorn...


And Elrond with another Arwen