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Costume Panel

Last update: March 24, 2010

Fan Table - Costume Panel - Celebrities
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The presenters were Donna Leithela, me and Stephanie

My Elf Armor, my Celeborn Robe, Donna's Galadriel

Donna's Blood Red, Donna's Shieldmaiden, and Stephanie in her Blood Red


First Donna gave some hints about altering patterns.

She showed everyone want a grommit maker looks like.

More hints about patterns.

Leithela pointed out the bright colors, velvets and embroidery in Rivendell elf costumes.

And showed off her friend's Legolas boots. The designs were etched in leather and colored with fabric paint
Another way to get the designs is to burn them in...

Here I am stammering through my visual aids.

And that's a camera guy... and me holding up some sample materials.

Here's a better shot of the same thing

Here I am about ready to pass around my wrist guards to show people what gapoxio armor feels like.