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Medievel Times - The Banquet

Last update: March 24, 2010

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Jack and the elves...
When the arena spotted Toby as Jack, he got a loud cheer
and in true character, he played it up, standing and waving his arms for more...

Here is a shot taken by the Captain...

Eomer at his throne started the performance.

(Toby's took the best picture I've found)

Quickbeam from Torn portrayed Samwise in the show
that Ginger rewrote using the standard
Medieval Times
script altered to fit our Middle-earth theme.
And Donna created Middle-earth banners for the festivities
as well as the costumes for the knights to wear.

Click here to go visit Donna's work!!

At first each Knight was announced and came out
carrying the Middle-earth banner of the people they were fighting for.

We were sitting in the Gondorian section.
I forget the name of our Knight... but he was great!
When they won or performed well, King Eomer and Eowyn
threw the knights flowers... the knights in turn threw them
to the ladies in their section sections.
Brenda caught one... and I'm fairly sure he was aiming right at her...

Here's a shot Brenda got of him with his helmet on...

After the knights were in, more ceremonie and banners were displayed.
On the left there is a blurry shot of the Lothlorien banner.

More banners...

They then road out...

The jousting was very cool... the real thing, it looked like. Splitting shields...
As the arm indicates,. there was a lot of cheering and shouting for our knights.

There was a net of sorts to protect the banquet attendees from sword and what not
that might be flung about during the battle.

I forget what kingdom the red knight was from, but the blue is Lothlorian...
and they gave him the name, "Rumil" which was very fun...
Though he couldn't look anymore different than a Lothlorien elf if he tried!

But he does have Jorn's sideburns. *heh*

He didn't do too well at first, but in the end he won!

Go Rumil!