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Last update: March 24, 2010

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The King and Queen of Lothlorien
taking their beautiful Grandaughter out to a formal banquet.

What crystal blue eyes the Evenstar has!!
(She gets them from her mother's side, you know...
well, okay she got them from her optometrist)

As you can see from the container in his hands
our son-in-law was more than glad to
dump the little rugrat with the inlaws for the night.


Ever since Celebrian left him, Elrond has just not been the same...
Turning to too much ale, raising humans, moping about all the time.
it's a pity really...

Makes me wonder if Arwen should move back to the Goldenwood.
Conditions in Rivendell may not be a good influence.

What if she takes to drink... or worse?

Okay, enough with the goofy elf stuff...
I'm just getting Brenda back for calling me 'grandma' all night

*heheh* Love you, my friend...

Galadriel looks to be having a joke at Aragorn's expense
while Arwen is praying he doesn't get himself turned into a newt by retaliating.

Here is Donna from Alleycat Scratch in her lovely version of Arwen's "blood red dress"...

Note: For those who don't know, each dress has it's own name
that we costumers use for easy reference.
For instance, Galadriel has three or four dresses,
my dress is the "Mirror Dress".

Here we have a side by side display of these lovely frocks.

Ginger looks so much nicer when she's not wearing dead things and rusty metal...
(She was an orc in the Opening Ceremonies)

Speaking of the opening ceremonies...

Here we are with Ellen and Stephan...
I'm still sad I missed Ellen's singing after the banquet!

cool lighting!


Dindy (Winddancer) and Effegenia (Lanthir) from
The Plaza!
I met Dindy through a mutual friend I know from the net.
(that's Ann's real NZ wool Haldir cloak Dindy is wearing!)
Dindy introduced me to Effegenia when I was looking
for a book expert to help me in a Newsworld interview.
And boy am I glad she did! Lanthir knows her ME stuff!

Here are two costumes from the Two Towers...

On the left we have Drew's lovely wife modeling his sentra built elf armor.
He is a regular at
Haldir's Elven Armor Forum and goes by Vogle
If you were at The Gathering, he was the chainmaille guy at our fan table...

The other is someone in an Easterling mask...
I don't know if I know her or not because.... well..... she's wearing a mask.

Hey... there, behind her... HIM I know...


Hi Quickbeam!

*heh* and here I thought I didn't get a photo of this famous TORn personality...

My camara missed Bruce, Craig and Mark completely,
but the trixy device snuck in the other star of the con...

Elves and Gandalf

The Princess, the Knight and the Flower he threw to her...