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Medieval Times - Fun Poses

Last update: March 24, 2010

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Who can resist sitting in a throne?

Certainly not us or our friends...

Celeborn looking pensive...

Elf-maidens with Galadriel
(what in Middle-earth was I looking at??)

A better picture of Galadriel and the elf-maidens...

Wrong dresses, but we tried for the pose anyway...

Right dress, but we couldn't find a spot high enough to get the right angle...

The Giving of the Galadhrim Bow to Legolas...

This painting by the Hildebrante Brothers is my favorite of Galadriel.
I have a book of their artwork and I actually saw this painting and loved it
before I ever heard of Lord of the Rings or understood the significance of that moment.
As it turns out, the Mirror scene is what solidified my affection for Galadriel.

(Photo effects? What photo effects? I don't know what you're talking about...)

These guys stole the show... and won the costume contest as well.