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Opening Ceremonies

Last update: March 24, 2010

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Here are some behind the scene shots of the opening Ceremonies

That's Toby figuring out where he's going to hide after hi part is done.

Then the hobbits come on and talk while Frodo skips across the stage...

The hobbit in the middle was one of them... here he is checking out Sauron's "One Ring"
Thieving hobbitses!
Diana/Galadriel also was admiring Toby's costume...
Hmm... maybe it's an elf/hobbit conspiricy.

These are all the hobbits.... Thanks to Melanie/Shield Maiden Eowyn for the photo!

Then the human refugees walk by...

Here are a few more of Melanie's photos.
Rich still has both his shoulder pieces in this photo.
like me he was losing his armor during rehersal.

Here's a great shot of the men of Gondor by Pippin

Then the she-elves dance...

There is a long story as to why Brenda is wearing my brown and black dress Sunday Night
instead of her specially made blood red dress... It has to do with airport and luggage. Do the math.

Here she is at the next morning dress rehersal...
Having gone to bed at 1am and gotten up at 5am
to go with Kev to pick up this gorgeous dress at the airport...
only to be told it was delivered and then denied at the hotel bellhop station!

She looked beautiful for the stress and lack of sleep she'd gotten....

BUT! She got to wear the dress!!!

Here's a shot of Haldir playing Beauty Salon with Arwen
Thanks to True for the photo!

Here is Melanie's photo of the elves.
Misc. elf in the middle, and Legolas to her right were the ones that followed.

Here are the Orcs having some lovely refreshments

Except for the lorc on the left,
all the costumes were made by

(Did you know if you spell Kropserkle wrong on google, Google knows how to correct it for you?)


Here's Haldir with the Orc who killed him...

Beheaded, or demasked, as it were

Proof that orcs and elves can be friends...

Thanks so much to Stephan and Ellen, our wonderful directors!!