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Opening Ceremony - Scene 1

Last update: March 24, 2010

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First we all did a little jig around Sauron...
Kev said he felt like he was in the "Choreography" skit in "White Christmas"

A nameless fear is felt throughout Middle-earth.

Bringing mistrust and isolation as the free peoples are brought to their knees

In darkness Sauron rises in power.

Then he strikes...

And everyone (but Eowyn there on the left) goes down like bowling pins.

Sauron wins...

Ooo... scarey...

If only they would have only known he can't even sit down in that costume, or raise his arm much, let alone run away.
Just grab him by the knees and tackle him!!

Ah well...


But WAIT, the story isn't over...

Galadriel (Diana) distracts the evil Lord aka Captain Jack with her beauty
and the baby Bilbo hobbit steals his ring!


More thieving Hobbitses.

Thanks to Melanie for the photos!