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Opening Ceremony- Scene 3

Last update: March 24, 2010

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While the ladies dance, the fighting elves wait for the long high note in the music.

Hey, Haldir, why are you smiling so big??

Don't you know you're either going to die in this battle, or end up having to leave Middle-earth forever?

Don't you care???

Apparently not...

There he goes, butting into the middle of a moment he shouldn't be in... again.

He must like the attention.

Boromir, glad to still be alive during this part of the story, runs on stage...

...and gives Haldir a huge the Aragorn/Haldir moment from the film.
(Boromir is played by my husband, but I try to refrain from kissing him while I'm dressed as Haldir)


The rest of the humans follow and shake hands and hug and Aragorn comes out as well.


Pointing as the Orcs come in...

Those in the back aren't confused, they are being dramatic
and start their pointing up to move down toward the orcs in the back of the hall...

The concept translate better with motion and music.

This is the cast mocking the Orcs for missing their cue during dress rehearsal

Note: Mocking orcs, just makes them mad.

They stood in front of the stage, taunting us...


The humans and elves build a fortress, representing the struggle against the dark forces.

And the orcs attacked!!

And the battle begins!

Lots of pushing and shoving...