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Opening Ceremony - Scene 4

Last update: March 24, 2010

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Sorry, but I couldn't take myself too seriously on this... so if you want drama and tension, don't read my comments....

Haldir sees an Orc across the battlefield...

The Orc says, "Hi, my name is Ginger, glad to meet you."
Unfortuanately, Haldir never bothered to learn Orc.
Aragorn was going to say something, but he's argued with the elf before
and it's very tiresome...


Haldir takes aim and swings.
Eowyn in the background can't bear to watch.

Apparently Orcs are much shorter than Haldir thinks they are.

Ginger the orc is a bit hurt that his greeting wasn't welcomed,
and so she decides maybe what this Elf needs is a good tickle

Little does the orc know, Elves aren't tickelish.
Eowyn, "I want to look, but I just can't."

Haldir looks to see what the orc is doing...

Haldir, "ECK! It touched me!"
Ginger, "Heheheheh"

Haldir just remembers an incident as a wee elfling where he broke into a horrible
rash after an encounter with an orc...

"Maybe the allergy has healed itself over the centuries...."

Ginger, "I barely touched him, honest!"

Aragorn, "Haldir, you better not fall down in that armor, it looks dangerous."

Boromir, "AH HA!!!!! MY TURN!!"

Boromir, "Die, REBEL SCUM!"
Legolas in background, "Wrong movie, Gondor genious..."
Eowyn, "Now it's Aragorn out there, and I still can't look... what's wrong with me?"

Boromir, "YAH... Yah!!"
Aragorn, "Maybe I should get you some Benedryl?"

Suddenly, Boromir is out numbered, while an elf and a Rohan warrior aim and fire blank bows.

FINALY Aragorn shows up... but alas, it's too late for Boromir.