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Opening Ceremony - Scene 5

Last update: March 24, 2010

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Unfortunately, he gets held and stabbed by orcs...

Who knew Aragorn could pliet?

In the middle on the floor, I'm about to get dragged off by Miscellaneous and Legolas.

In our version of ROTK, Aragorn is afraid of losing his real sword at the border
So he leaves it at home and just sort of kicks the orcs off the stage.

After Aragorn fights them off, Frodo heads to Mt. Doom (that would be the cast)

But he falls on the way, and Galadriel helps.

Cheer up little hobbit!

Ah... I love this moment...

Frodo climbs Mt. Doom (the cast - OUCH!)

Then it all goes black.

The King rises...


And helps the free peoples of Middle-earth back to their feet.

And as you can see, in OUR version.


I'm not quite dead... I could pull through... I want to go for a walk...

And there was much rejoicing.


And then we bow...