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Armor Workship - Elrond

Last update: March 24, 2010

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Taught by Jose
(Got Maul)
He's dressed as Indiana Jones, in case anyone wonders...
A very big thank you to Celeste and Miranda for providing many of the photos in this report!

Jose began by giving his group a choice to make things on their own, or to help him make it. They choose to watch the master at his craft. And were thrilled to have his armor to actually be able to handle!
First he took his armor and showed them how the chest pieces fit together. Then he demonstrated how he found the right shape and size of each piece. Cutting out all of the pieces.
And here is Stephanie helping to strap the posterboard pieces on the volunteer. Jose also gave a lot of tips on how to paint the armor. And how to etch and weather it to look like Elronds.