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Armor Workship - Haldir

Last update: March 24, 2010

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Taught by Julia
Note my cool shirt! Designed by
A very big thank you to Celeste and Miranda for providing many of the photos in this report!

I first discuss the materials to be used a reference material. Photos, Dolls and her armor. They break into three groups.
The first group decides to create the chest armor. First they must draw on the paper where the armor looks to go. After they get the design they like, they trace it onto stronger posterboard and cut it out.
They then tape it together and fold in the creases Then try it on!  
The second group decides to do the wrist guards. They use their own hands to draw the templates. And after covering it with duct tape to make them strong, they paint it gold.
The third group selects hip armor. Drawing on the leaves. And cutting them out.