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Armor Workship - Sauron

Last update: March 24, 2010

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Taught by Toby
Yes, he did teach in a Jack Sparrow drunken pirate accent...
A very big thank you to Celeste and Miranda for providing many of the photos in this report!

Toby showed those in his group how many layers make up the Sauron costume. He went over the template building process. And he answered a few questions on what the costume was made out of and how he etched it.
He also showed them the doll and how useful it was to see the details, since the movie stills were very dark. And he allowed them to look at the design of his gloves. Then he let them work on their own.
Mapping out their templates Looking at his costume for reference. And in the end they had made many pieces, including this glove with a thumb and one finger.