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IMAX AOTC Opening 11/1/02: Nyack, NY

Last update: March 24, 2010


Jango and Obi-wan discuss the rematch

A light moment before it begins.....

Jango goes in for the kill!

The Chin-Kick!

The Head-But

"I dare you to do it..."



"If I had a dime everytime someone asked me to pose next to this stupid little droid...."


Jan-lo spreading Rebellion propaganda


Jango captures Padme

She goes for an escape!

Padme in flight training....


Dooku begs Obi-wan to join him...
"Honestly, it's all for charity. I don't personally get anything out of it."


Rockin' Rebel Guard

Barbie Fett


The Cardboard Cut Out Pose

What could have been had Naboo not used those crazy electro doors...
What were those things supposed to do anyway?

Dead Ringers? Maybe, maybe not, but you'd think people could at least guess...

And yet here is one of the very few to know he was Obi-wan and not Luke, Anakin, Star Trek guy, Howard Eskin... etc...
(Qui-gon was called 'Jesus' a couple times...)

Me with Jan-Lo, Vader and General Zippy

I had to spar Qui-Gon...


In the Mall with the locals