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Wolf Prince

Last update: March 23, 2010

Wolf Prince ~ Silver Prince

- Eastern University -


click historic boot inspirations for larger versions (except boots)

The costume concept was first a gray wolf - pirate - prince. I choose the pirate costume (Simplicity 4923) pattern and modifed both the coat and the vest to suit my ideas. We then decided to make the wolf BROWN and I will use the gray pattern coat for the silver prince.
the fabrics and inspiration brown wolf dyed the lace light yellow and ironed it on. finished coat minus some buttons.
reversable vest close up close up
The Silver/gray prince Still needs the trim - I'll be gluing it on with fabric tak rather than ironing it on. A close up of the lace at the collar

the lace at the sleeve - it was just easier and cost effective to make these and put them on a plain white shirt than to make an entire fancy shirt.

The mask with just craft foam - I colored it digitally to figure out how I wanted it to look.

The back of the mask

After paint... I still need to varnish. eventually it will be glued to the fur... After careful consideration, I decided the mask needed more detail.

  So I added some gold paint And some black brows and markings And my son Joey insisted he needed teeth or else he was just a puppy
This is the first mask fitting on the actor who will wear it It's a bit lopsided But it does fit his face well.
The height of the color seems to work well with the right side of the mask We didn't push it doen on his head enough, compared to the photo just above this one. The left side needs some attention... and I may want to add some fur under the 'ponytail'

  Here is one of the boots, thigh high. other side. We choose a brown top for the style and to match the costume color better. front... I may have to redo the top to go over more of the shoe

  The toppers are attached with velcro This makes them reversable for another look if they were to be used for another show It hooks in the back to keep the topper from flapping about

To get in and out easier, there is a zipper on the inside and a hooke and eye. Elastic keeps it secure to the dance shoes But the lace up just looks so cool...