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The One Ring's Lord of the Rings: Two Towers
Oscar Party

Last update: March 24, 2010

This was the long line to get in.

Kev and Julia
Click to see larger image.
The Tux was by Men's Wearhouse the Dress by Cattiva of New York.
The necklace, earrings and bracelettes were 'thrown' together by me and my friend
on Thursday when I gave up trying to find something in the stores.

Kev sitting in the main room watching the Oscars on the big screen.
Isn't he cute??

Joy from Elvish Costumes Gimli and Legolas, me, and Tammy (Leiasky)
Besides Cat from
Alleycatscratch, these were the only people we
found that I knew at the party.


A close up of the life sized Nazgul Sculpture

Me with Frodo and Nazgul
Why does taking a picture with a standy always seem like such a great idea at the time?

Kev has a Boromir costume and we met Thomas at the party.
Turns out we have seen each others work on line.

Me scolding Lurtz for killing Boromir

Little was it known that Kev won an Oscar for 'Best Husband' that night.
For his self-less and generous donation of his International Most Valuable Employee Award
to the funding of our trip to the LOTR Oscar's Party. And for hanging in there at the party as late as he could
despite feeling miserable. As well as his constant good nature and consistant love and care
of his wife and his children. Kev is the best, and I predict he will win this every year.
Not to mention how he graciously puts up with me and all my costuming nonsense...


I'm not sure who this is, but I loved her dress because it looks so much
like the Boromir shirt!!


Close up of the necklace I made.
I made the leaves out of wire mesh, wire and sculpty
Then painted them.

This is us just before we left the party around 10:30....
A week later and we were still fighting the cold we caught that night.
As you can see, we are obviously spent here. *L*


The following are pictures of me and my friends from LA.
They probably have no interest to most of you, but I wanted to put them up anyway!!

This is Jeff, my friend from High School.
He's rather famous for his
Cardio Striptease Aerobic Classes.
Unfortunately I didn't get to take one while we were there...
mostly because I'm a lazy bum.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Prom night all those years ago and our reunion on Oscar's weekend.

I hope Jeff doesn't kill me for posting his high school pic! *heh*

I have no idea why he's holding up three fingers...

Kev, me and Drew Tretick

I met Drew while I was at Anderson University and he was in the Orchestra playing the viola.
He was always amazing on his electric violin, but just starting out back then.
Now he has numerous CD's and is breaking into the industry.

Drew playing his electric Violin in Downtown Disney
Drew is still playing there through the end of March.
If you can go, check his
schedule and see if you can hear him! He's wonderful.

Drew and some of his fans...

He's the nicest guy I know... honestly. Such a huge heart. Love you Drew!!!



I was delighted to see that my hand fit Harpo Marx's Print!!!
(If you haven't already, I highly recommend his autobiography 'Harpo Speaks'. I fell in love... great book)
I was going to take my boots and socks off and see if we had the same size feet too,
but I was a bit afraid my feet would be bigger and how embarrassing would that be?

Pretty impressive shoes to fill...

This is looking up at the Kodak Theatre, where the Oscar's were held the day before.
Exciting, huh?

This is looking down and out of the Kodak Theatre entrance... so basically the walkway up to
the Oscar's. It was nice... but the
King of Prussia Mall is nicer. *heheh*

And here is the door to the actual theatre. I decided to get theatric...

We met someone from the 501st Star Wars Club on duty outside of the Kodak Theatre.
Meet TK1000. Nice guy... but not too smart for handing me his weapon even
AFTER I told him I was a member of the
Rebel Legion. *heheheh*

Wow. A wax museum. We didn't go in. We did have some yummy treats at "Leather & Gifts" though, on the far left.
We went into the Snow White Cafe, but they were all out of sweets because of the Oscar's Crowd. :o( So she sent us next door.

The Chinese Theatre. We had some hours to kill before our flight and were still too sick
to enjoy much walking around so we went in and watched "The Hunted".
Very violent... which is the POINT of the premise. It was carried out successfully,
but it's not my type of movie...