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Last update: March 24, 2010

Thursday, Friday and Monday - Saturday Night -
Costume Display- A Few Costume Panels - Costume Parade

Thursday and Monday

photos by Steph

photo by Steph

photo by Steph
We were graced to have time with a good friend with an elven angelic voice. Jessica writes her own elven music and lives in CA. I was so glad to met up with her! Here is me trying on the Eomer 'wig' horror piece. We were a bit punchy, can you tell? Jessica wasn't able to attend the convention, but she took us to the airport and made us friendship bracelets as we waited, in the colors we choose.

Check out her musical website

Here's a lovely photo of two of my favorite women. We had such a great time, even at the airport just trying to say goodbye. Conventions are great for all the hoopla, but it's the friends we make and meet up with that really keep us going back.
(even when they don't actually go to the con! *L*)


Friday Night

photo by Carolyn

photo by Nina and Ed

photo by Nina and Ed
Friday Night's performance of The Little Orc singing "My Eye" backed up by Frodo and Sam in orc armor. VERY funny skit. Jarl Benzon taking a moment to pose with Nina. Sandro Kopp, Daniel Falconer, Peter Tait, Bruce Hopkins, Ed and Nina.

photo by

photo by Olotie

photo by Olotie
I wrote a song for Galadriel to sing to Frodo and performed it on Friday night. A friend of mine, Chris Engle, had worked to help me lay down the background track. You can find a recording of the song and the lyrics on this page:
"Come Forth"

Photo by Nina and Ed

Photo by Diane for Torn

Photo by Diane from Torn

This is Daniel Falconer of Weta Workshop, Bruce Hopkins, Carolyn and Nina.

This photo by Diane is probably teh best one ever taken that shows the beading and details of the dress.

Here is a close up with Diane and me

Photo by Diane from Torn

photo by Shawn

photo by Shawn

Jorn, Jarl, Sandro, Peter and Daniel helped get Karaoke off by picking out a song, "Your Song" by Elton John and dedicating it to Gino- who sang it at TFF,

I believe 3x! Right before they were to go on, Sandro talked me into joining them. He's a very difficult man to say 'no' to.

THere are more photos of this song on Jorn's site under photos, under Orc.

What a great couple!! They both look fantastic. Here is Micheal Bilach, the Singing Gandalf who performed both in the Children's track as well as on stage Friday night. His voice is just so beautiful!