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Return of the Sith Premiere

Last update: March 24, 2010

The Children's Health Fund

Ziegfeld Theatre Manhatten, NY

About a month before the release, I recieved an email inviting Kev and I to
participate as Jedi in a Star Wars Charity Event - . I brought along two friends
who were great look alikes for Padme and Anakin.

Many of these photos were taken from the net. In order to remain in character,
we did not take photos ourselves. We do have some behind the scenes photos
in the dressing room that we will be posting at some point.

Before the event I made the green dress for my friend Arianna. Upgraded Kev's costume a bit... better pouches and a ightsaber And made mysef a Jedi - elf costume. (Queen of ubergeekdom)
A LOTR inspired saber. Boots for my friend Steven who played Anakin and borrowed the rest of the costume. At first we stood in front of the theater posing for hundreds of photographs from pros and passerbys alike. This one was up on the AP gallery for a few days.

This photo can be found in a gallery at NY line. We then moved to the red carpet for a while where the paparazzi and other press were stationed. This is also NYline They seemed to love the action shots. And most costumers practice a lot to take familiar poses.

Kev and Steven then moved off the red carpet for a while and mingled in the street with the fans waiting in line to get into the theater. Several NYC police were at hand and took many photos with costumed characters. Once they started to let the ticket holders in and the celebrities started to arrive some of the costumed characters moved inside to stand in a variety of places for photos.
Kev and Steven were requested, with a few others to stand where the interviews were taking place They actually did pose with more people than Samuel. But this seems to be the most popular 'threesome' to make it into the publicity circuit.
Qui-gon Tim is the best Jinn look alike out there, so this meeting was classic.