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WizCon 2003
Philadelphia, PA

Last update: March 24, 2010


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Me and Kev Amy (blue Twi'lek Jedi) Allen Me and Crimson Knight from OJA


Us again, Crimson without his mask Me and Jaster Mareel from TDH. Boy was his daddy proud... kept going on and on about his son's work. Very sweet. Jeremy (Elder Boba Fett) Bullock


Kev with Jeremy Zacheriah (Kit Fisto) Jensen. What a smile.. and th ehair! Gotta love it! Nice guy too, with a great Australian Accent!


Ray (Darth Maul) Park
He was actually taller than I expected
But he still made a comment about me being so much taller... *heh* Ray liked Kev's costume


Me and Zam I Am from TDH... very cool to finally meet her!
I need to work on my posture...
Kev and I got to have dinner sitting next to David Prowse. He had so many great stories to tell! We had a blast... Kev and Kenny (R2D2) Baker


Kev must have taken at least 30 + pictures with people in the 4 hours we were there. He was a great hit with most of the kids, asking questions about lightsabers and the Force And then there was this one who kept trying to beat him up - something about his dad... (That's Daniel (young Boba) Logan)


Kev and Natasha as Obi-wan and Padme Obi-wan protecting Padme from Dooku Kev was laughing and I asked him why and he said, "Because he can't win."


Kev and Jaster Duel