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Custom Elvish Designs

Last update: March 23, 2010

Luthien dancing dress

The following five dresses were designed with this fabric in mind. very soft, nice drape and not too thin! Full skirt, floor or calf length, laces in front or on sides for adjusting, and on sleves for ornimentation. Gold embroidery and gold lace - with flower accent. Pedal skirt and sleeves, ebroidered or fabric painted.
Variation on pedal and lacing idea Pedal skirt variation Full skirt, open sleeves, embroidered. Lacing up sides and on sleeves.

Male Elf Designs

  Soft gray fabric with dual tones on layered sleeves (alternate color possibly same as underlayer to right), and a fair length train. Under layer for robe to left. Soft fabric in blue-silver. Sleeveless with buttons or clasps
Velvet, silk, linen, satin, sheer... ties at sides for various sizes. Linen or silk - design sketch of Gildor in ROTK leading Arwen  
Silk or velvet with embroidery Linen or silk with embroidery. Metal clasp. Double layered light linen with embroidery or paint. Double layered silk belt with embroidery/beads
2 pieces. First sheer with sleeves that goes over head. Second a 3 layer tunic, sheer, linen with light vine embroidery, and tapestry with heavy vine and leaf embroidery. Ffastens on shoulders and at sides 3 pieces. First over the head sheer slip. Second a linen orlight tapestry robe that fastens in the front and trimmed with velvet or satin. Third, velvet or satin scarf that lays over shoulder Black velvet leggings, silver silk under tunic, metalic green over tunic with gold trim and buttons
pants concept - like pajamas
loose fit, tie lace, sheer silky over satin or satin alone
Sheer crinkly silk essence under shirt. Satin and velvet (stretch for comfort)
Stretch velvet boot
same as before, only longer
Satin slippers
Wool formal wear. Leather slippers Pants concept- petal cuffs, velvet or textured wool with satin or velvet trim. Linen or textured shirt. Jacket velvet and satin
Light silky shirt, Linen jacket. stretch jersey - lost wax design wool textured jacket with satin trim and gold and silver trees of light design. Silver stretch pants with satin trim on petal cuffs
Slate velvet with satin trim and silver embroidery White/silver floral linen jacket, with satin lining, gray satin or linen tunic, silk sash, sheer crinkled underskirt silk, sheer underdress, linen or wool textured tunic
Satin green shirt, linen skirt, silk/satin belt knit/silk/wool underdress, linen/silk tunic silk underdress, silk or velvet tunic
Linen satin jacket velvet with gold embroidery

Female Elf Designs

Shear underdress with sleeves, linen/silk tunic, velvet/satin robe, tapestry belt Inspired by Alan Lee's Luthien. Blue Velvet, green metalic shear on sleeves and skirt petals, embroidered with gold. white sheer and lace underskirt layers Velvet overdress, corded together, sheer silk underskirt layers.
velvet layered single piece Layer one, sheer silk with puckered waist band tied together Layer 2, gray velvet robe with embroidered leaves on trim and blue satin sash
Velvet leggings, silky tunic with velvet bib and embroidry Layer one: Green suede pants, silky patterned shirt Layer Two: Velvet tunic
sheer patterned velvet underdress, satin/silk over dress and trim close up of possible embroidery, inlay design
Shelob! Black velvet body suit, black leather/vinyl stomach, shoes, helmet and spine, fur chest piece and trim... fun fun