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Last update: March 24, 2010

Upper Darby Performing Arts Center
Costumes by
Jenni Dryden

I made the masks, ears and antlers

The second row - first four photos are the property of UDPAC the rest were taken by Jenni
click to see larger version

Before the show, Jenni took me back to meet the cast. They practiced a song and one of the dogs practiced dancing. It was very funny. I was glad to see them together. But before I left, they read poems and said good byes to each other and were very teary eyed as this was their last show.
A shot on stage - to see the rest of the official photos click here Aslin in a smaller mask and a wig of fuzzy yarn glued to a baseball cap (Jennie made the mane)

The White Stag. The masks were all made out of craft foam

Ferris - I hand painted the designs

Mrs. Beaver. Jenni's designs for the characters distinguished Mr. and Mrs. Beaver

After the show the cast came out to meet the audience It was a good time to see them close up. And my son was so happy to meet a doggy - that's a mask I made for him. The Narnians all posed together for a group photo Another one.
A squirrel. I discovered while making this mask that squirrels do not have distinctive facial features. The ears were glued to the mane The antlers were made of modeling magic clay - by crayola- painted with gold and pearlized acryilic The costumes Jenni designed were meant to be simple so that the masks were the only identification of animal

Mrs. Beaver - some of the paint peeled, probably due to this mask having more layers of paint than the others, and all the heat of the lights.

A rabbit - the ears were glued to barretts


Unicorn - I used a sewing bobbin glued to the mask with a dowl sticking out as the base. Then I used modeling magic and painted it pearlized bone and gold high lights

Ferris mask close up

Mr. Beaver - his face and

A rabbit close up. All of the masks had a golden varnish applied over them

Closer Cheetah

Staight on unicorn

A good wolf

A bear

Yellow bird


Reindeer - the modeling magic is easy to work with but needs a lot of structure underneith- which takes time. So these were made flat with two layers of foam glued together with popcycle sticks inside

A bad wolf

Another bad wolf

Blue Bird

Dog - I used photos of basset hounds Horns for fauns - glued on to a head band for a boy with short hair and glued on to barrets for others with long hair

Another bad wolf

Yet another (I made 8 of these bad boys)
Another hound another A side view - the ears were fabric glued to barrets.