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Nascar Driver

Last update: March 25, 2010

I started with a simple pattern that I altered by putting in a collar.


After I cut the pattern
I cut out the various colors of fabric to add the stripes.
Using Iron on paper, I printed out various logos I had gathered from around the net, trying to match the type and size on the origional suit and ironed them on to the costume. A few I saved until after the costume was made so that I could make sure to center it propery.
The first car I made was paper mache. Which my son and I painted together We installed mini flashlights for the headlights. (even though Nascars do not need lights because they don't drive at night!)

We installed break lights too. Here is a night vision of the headlights We printed the decals and glued them on and I used fabric straps as a harness.

The next year he wanted the same costume, but the car didn't survive.
So I made him one out of fabric that he still has 6 years later! (and counting)