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"The New Me"

Last update: March 16, 2010

The Robe ~ My Portrait ~ Sandro's "The New Me" Exhibit

This exhibition doesn't have anything to do with our exchange, but
since it is related to Sandro, I am linking the three pages together.

Sandro Kopp

Location: Garcia Gallery New York, NY

8 April - 24 May 2008

I believe the premise of this piece is 28 portraits done in procession over 28 days.
They are placed in a calender format hung tightly side by side on the wall.

Day 22
very high rez
no flash
Day 8 Day 24
very high rez
no flash
Days 1-14 Center on Day 20
very high rez
no flash
Days 24-27
Days 15-28 Week 2 Days 21 and 28
very high rez
no flash
Kevin Upward Perspective Julia

My husband and I visited on May 2. We both thought it was interesting
to see the self-portraits so many times.
It intrigued thoughts as to what was happening each day to cause Sandro to make the decisions he did
or to wonder how much 'just happened' without volition.
For that reason the portraits that are not complete give an authenticity to the 'every day'
aspect much more so than if there were 28 completed portraits as if every day things went according to a perfect plan.

This work functions very well in the gallery exhibit which was called "Present" in which there is an internet piece by Gregory
Chatonsky entitled:
"Flussgeist 1/ Waiting" It is a projection of live photos being uploaded
to Flickr with an associated single word. There are also snippets of bits from blogs, prerecorded candid video
taken at a French train station a heart beat track and hypnotic electronic tones.
The work very successfully inspires curiosity in the viewer about what is happening elsewhere in the
world at this very moment in other people's lives - while at the same time
the images and words excite random thoughts and feelings that can not be anticipated.

Both pieces focused my attention on the unexpected ideas each of us encounter in life
day to day and moment by moment.