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Sandro's Painting of me

Last update: March 16, 2010

The Robe ~ My Portrait ~ Sandro's "The New Me" Exhibit

I first met Sandro in 2004 during a Lord of the Rings Convention in London :
The Fellowship Festival. Over the next couple of years we ran into each other at other
conventions and decided to do an exchange - I would sew something for him
and he would paint something for me.

The Painting

Monica and I on the train to NYC from Trenton.
Thanks for coming! It was great to share the experience with you and I would have been so nervous finding my way without your help!
Sandro getting ready to start. He's wearing the pattern of a custom designed painting robe I'm working on for him. The structure is laid down.
The basic colors Studying the work
Creepy eyes! Painting... painting... painting...
Almost there.... This shot shows that it was a cloudy day. Sandro painted to the natural light coming in from the window.
It took about 3 cups of tea and a water bottle or 4 -5 hours... depending on how you look at it. All done! Thanks so much, Sandro, I love it!!
The finished work and the subject side by side.
This is the box that Kev made to carry home the wet painting.

It worked very, very well! Great job Kev!


Painting take Two

After I sent the robe there were some adjustments needed and Sandro wanted
to make some touch ups, so we met up again. This time my husband and I made the trek together....

click for larger photos

He decided it would look better with my darker shirt - I agree.
You must click to see the painting close up - his use of colors and shadows
are so interesting...

And this is Sandro wearing the altered and finished robe

And here is the painting framed and hanging in my home.
(well, almost hanging!)

I absolutely love it! It's not just a beautiful piece of art by a
talented artist, but having work by someone as amazing as
Sandro in my home makes it mean so much more.