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Sandro's Robe

Last update: March 16, 2010

The Robe ~ My Portrait ~ Sandro's "The New Me" Exhibit

One of the best parts of traveling to conventions over the years has been meeting fascinating people.
One such person was Sandro Kopp, who was an extra in many scenes, most notably behind Arwen
during the coronation of Aragorn in Return of the Kings. Through our friendship we decided to do an exchange.
He would paint a portrait for me and I would create a custom made robe for him.

This is the robe...

I've made two options for closing the robe which provides two necklines possibilities.

On the far left is a tighter fit. The near left is looser.

On the right is a close up of the breast pocket.

The velcro fasteners.

On the left is the inside fasteners.

On the right is the outside.

The sleeves are also adjustable.

On the left is how it looks once the strap is pulled around and fastened.

On the right is the open position. Also on the far right, the paint brush pockets are visible near the shoulder.

There are 2 deep, double layered pockets that fasten with velcro. One is on the front left side, the other on the back right side.

There are also two slits, one on each side, for easy pant pocket accesss.

The details...

The hem is lined with bias, as are the inside side seams.

The front is reinforced with another layer of fabric. (the photo at right is before the velcro was attached.)

Here is Sandro painting my portrait in the robe