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Racer X Hood

Last update: March 25, 2010

Racer X Pattern Making ~ Racer X Stitching
Racer X Hood ~ Speed Racer Photos

First, I painted my head sculpture from college white.
(It was previously used for a Galadriel crown and Sauron Helmet)

It is slightly bigger than my son's head, but close enough to give me a working model.
And it doesn't move like he does!

Then I drew on the racer X pattern to the shape.


I then laid the fabric on the head and drew the pieces one by one.
Solid line for cutting, dotted line for the seam/stitching

Next, all the pieces were pinned together.

Nothing like hand basting...
the dots are the drawn on markers so I knew where to fold.

I pinned the pieces into place and then hand basted it.


After it was completely hand basted, I used the machine to sew it.

The finished product. I may go back and touch up the back because
it looks a bit off... but we'll see. I have to make the gloves now! Oy!