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Racer X Stitching

Last update: March 25, 2010

Racer X Pattern Making ~ Racer X Stitching
Racer X Hood ~ Speed Racer Photos

Here you can see the pattern I drew compared to the stitching I've done.

I cut out two pieces of fabric the shape of the shoulder piece and sewed them together.
Then I turned it inside out and drew lightly with pencil the stitching pattern.
Carefully sewing over the pencil line I sewed the pattern and then erased the pencil.

From this photo I can see that I need to move the entire X up by adjusting the collar.

Under the stitching pieces is a seperate jacket with sleeves that have not yet
been sewn together. Once I get the stitched pieces completed I will sew
them onto the jacket.


My son with an almost finished jacket and his new glasses.