The above pictures are from the Weta Warehouse, thanks to Lalaith!
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Writing on hip armor

I went ahead and made the padding out of red vinyl. It gives it a bulkier look.

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The back armor is the doll (I edited out the arrow shooting nob)
The two on the right were taken from a movie in an article on

The waistband I created from Vinyl

This is the basic shape of the templates/base I created for the hip armor.
On the left is how they look as individual pieces.
On the right is how they fit together on the hips.

Create posterboard templates by testing it on a dress form or yourself. I am only showing the first four leaves here. Cover posterboard with duct tape. I have left the waist band on and covered it with plastic wrap so I can get the right shape and modpodge directly on the form without damaging anything Modpodge paper mache. In order to keep it in shape, I used masking tape to hold it in place. I chose to finish the first four leaves and wait until they were hardened in shape before I began the last three. I used tape and various objects to prop up the leaves in order to make sure the armor hardened in the desired shape.


Drill or cut out holes where the rivets will attach armor to waistband.
I covered the wasteband with plastic before I connected it so that it won't get clay on it.
Cover with Gapoxio, sculpting in the desired Tengware letters on the bottom three leaves.
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Allow to dry and then sculpt the design.
Allow to dry and then sand
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Paint gold and bronze
Age with Rub and Buff and pueter powder

Here is how I am keeping it on.


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