When worn ready for action the Lorien Cloak is secured under arms in armor
The Belt, Quiver and Holster are fastened over cape

Details of cloak tuck. Click for high rez. Thanks Lalaith!!

Cape Tabs fastens with a Brooch when worn across front
And can either hang tighlty over armor or be pushed to sides

Click for high rez example of the material I bought for Haldir's Cloak.

From this group shot you can see the cloaks differed in how some hung in the front, note how high up Haldir's cloak rides:

My guess (note GUESS) is some where half, some were full some were semi-fulland maybe some were oval?
This is the one I did for my Haldir cloak.

Before I make my full size pattern, I experimented with my Elf Doll...

Fitting it the way the marching Elves wore it.
The material is really too thick to hang right on the doll...


Brown, Blue or Scarlet Wool
Cut out pattern for cape and hood.
Ignore the red lined hood.. it's wrong. I'm still working on it.


Here is my scarlet wool cloak (a bit wrinkled) and a demo of how the small tabs are long enough
Click on thumb for larger view

Here is a photo-comparison of my cloak and Haldir's
I didn't get my hood big enough...

The hood is a Semi-circle that I gathered at the collar... just like on my Galadriel cloak