Neck Guard

Weta (thanks to Lalaith) - Elven Archer Doll box- Screensnap of Haldir

This picture from Ian Smith's Website, used by permission

The description of it from the Alleycatscratch website sounds very much like what us seen worn around the neck.

"The armor "skirt" looks like a below-the-knee scale mail hauberk split for riding, but it's thousands of fingernail-sized pieces of silver leather patterned like fine lizardskin and sewn to a backing."

New pictures Lalaith has provided allow a comparison of the neck and the skirt. They are the same! See the skirt on it's own page.

Above is my test strips to find the right paint.
Click either to see the larger view of my test.

Above on the left is my layout test.
To see how much of the leather I need before I paint it.
Beside it is a picture after I painted some of the leaves.

Below are directions I plan to use..
I will put up more progress pictures as I finish working on this piece.

no picture available no picture available
Cut strip of Vinyl into Thumbnail Shaped Pieces Ink with Gold Pen
(Krylon spray paint used for armor flakes off of vinyl)
Using plastic paint, make an orange/red/brown palet
Dip dry cloth and dab on, allowing gold to shine through
Spray with gloss to seal


picture available soon picture available soon
buy or make a dicky sew pieces to dicky

Suggestions and comments are always welcome.



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