Shoulder Bells

Reference Shots

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These images are from the Weta Workshop - Thanks to Lalaith!

Visit the Thread in Haldir's Forum to discuss what materials they used for the movie armor.

Comparison Pictures

New Templates

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They are not to size, but if you fit the .jpg to a standard printable page (no margins) it should be about right.


Covered with Gapoxio (please pardon the messy tutorial - I am running short on time with this costume!!)

This was a picture I took to see how I did. I didn't like the swirls at the bottom and scraped them off.
More pictures when I sculpt something I like.

Click for high resolution details

Next a little more sanding and then painting!
Oh... and the arm band thingymabobs...

I painted it and weathered it a bit... still may do more.
Note: This material is not as strong as I thought, both bells have cracked.
And repairing them is not easy...

Leather Straps

Buckle from strap - sculpty buckle
I believe these are the same as those on the wrist guards.

Fastening it on

At Dcon my shoulderbell kept falling off and sliding down. I've devised a new system.

This is a hand-sewn doupled up piece of vinyl stuck with epoxi glue to the shoulderbell.
The small vinyl strip at the top is sewn into the seam and there is a small hook at the top.
(the eye is under the shoulder pads)

Another small vinyl strip is sewn on the left 'arm' then strings through the two holes where it will snap.
*note: there should be a decorative buckle. I have to make two new ones that broke at Dcon*

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