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The Casa Loma picture can be seen larger on the Alleycat site
The Weta picture is thanks to Lalaith.

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This is a comparison of my material and the costume material.
I bought a Croscill Tab Top Panel curtain from Bed and Bath. It is faux brown leather.
Above is my test strip for the color. I used a shoe paint calle ReNu that works on leather, vinyl and rubber.
I sprayed it with an undercoat of maroon and then misted with a light brown.
I may be getting a darker brown to add some wear.
To save my sewing machine any sticky residue, I'm going to sew my vest before I paint it.

Use a tight-fitted vest or shirt to draw on pattern Cut material allong pattern lines, leaving extra for sewing Sew pieces together Make sure your pattern fits, make any adjustments then repeat with leather Example of the back.

The faux leather vest before the paint

The faux leather vest after the red and brown ReNu shoe paint ($8 a can)

On the right, after touched up with orange plastic paint ($2 for a set in craft section)

Here is a photo of the back..