Wrist Guards

I don't see a logical explanation for why looking at it from the outside of the arm the small piece angles down towards the elf
While looking at it from the inside of the arm, the small piece angles up towards the elf.
My guess is that they were made differently, but this is the best shot I have of either side...

First I made a template of the dolls wrist guard to get the basic shape.
Then I looked at the above pictures and estimated the differences and used my own arm as a size reference.
Below are the templates I'll be using and how they fit together.

Template 1
Template 2

Measure your arm for length and width
Size template accordingly.
Printed template provided here will need adjusting!
Cut 4-6 pieces of newspaper larger than each template piece
Glue newspaper on posterboard in layers
(see helmet instructions for more details on Paper Mache)
As pieces dry, fit to shape




Lay on paint cans to let dry overnight so pieces will hold shape Cover with Gapoxio clay
(detailed instructions yet to come!)
Sculpt details
Since I didn't have high rez of the wrist guards I used some high rez of the other bits of armor and used some artistic license to figure out what the details might have been.

The clay drying... click to make bigger.

Painted thick with Gold metalic spray paint and then a light coat of Bronze metalic spray paint
I am now working on putting it all together