Cartoons by CRIZ

This one was inspired by my photo comparison (at the bottome of the page) trying to prove
that the photo of Glorfindel (Jarl Benzon) on the Decipher card has him holding Haldir's Sword.

After wearing he armor for the first time at DragonCon, I asked an artist friend of mine, CRIZ
if she could come up with a cartoon about the humorous issues I had. Below is her wonderful work.

The cartoons speak for themselves...

Thank you CRIZ!!!

Here are the cartoons she drew for my workshop... so talented...

The participants making a Sauron costume

Toby, Me and Jose in our costumes

CRIZ plays with the idea of Toby picking out costumes based on size. *heh*

This is me in my Haldir costume facing off with Craig Parker (The actor who played Haldir)
When I met him, he and I took a photo in a similar stance...

There are plenty more drawings on her site... so please visit her!