Doll Scans and Photos

Haldir Helm's Deep Doll

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Thanks to Darth Eagle for scanning her doll!!

To see the weapons to the Haldir Doll go to the Haldir Sword Page

The Lord of the Ring Guide Website has pictures of this Set of five dolls in their Toy Biz Lord of the Rings section

You can pre-order the Haldir doll at Scifi Warehouse

Fereveldir Elven Archer Doll
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Fereveldir Elven Archer Helmet

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Elven Warrior Figure
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Haldir Painting

copyright 2003 Nancy L. Garven.
To see a clearer image and order prints click picture then click on 2D art".

Elf Bust
no bigger picture available
But click picture to go buy it!

These two can also be bought at ForbiddenPlanet

Galadhrim Archer and Banner

Both found at Forbidden Planet

Elf Figure ~ Elf Banner

CRIZ's Dcon Cartoons

These dolls were made by Tisphone from Taipei Taiwan.


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