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This site gives detail in progress pictures for creating a Sauron

The Official Jrn Benzon/ Rmil site
(He was at Helm's Deep in the elf armor too)

(Not sure if Saelbeth was at Helm's Deep yet... jury is still out)

The above site is in Japanese
It has a few very wonderful watercolors

copyright 2003 Nancy L. Garven
Click on image to see full shot and order prints
Then click on 2D ar

A site that has a list of many prop and costume tutorials

Craig Parker - The actor behind Haldir - another Craig Parker fan site

Alleycatscratch - THE most comprehensive Lord of the Rings Costuming Website

The Lord of the Rings Store - Officially licensed weapons for sale and other
costumes that look like LOTR's wear.

Karin's Lord of the Rings Costumes - Elrond Armor tutorial

Elvish Costumes - Great reference pictures of LOTR Elf Costumes

Blue Sword - LOTR Costumes

Elven Kindom - Information about Elves

LOTR Shop - Costumes for sale

Dragonsguard - Pictures of 2nd Age Armor and Elven swords

DragonCon - A great place to show off your costume.
If you're going to the convention be sure to let me know! (especially if you're making the armor!)

A special thanks to Brak's from The Dented Helmet for hosting my site!
He's the best, and his website is the best Boba Fett Costuming site!

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