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Fiberglass is highly toxic and requires ventilated area and a breathing mask... no short cuts on that!
But it is also very moldable and a lightweight material that takes some practice.

Ghe original Costume Created by Weta The Jedielfqueen's son's costume in progress

To purchase Fabric Paint you can go to your local craft or fabric store or go to the link below

Fabric Paint


First gather your supplies

Reference materials: pix, drawings, doll etc. (see suggestions on how to gather)
Fabric base - black turtle neck, black skirt or loose pants
Gray crayon
Fabric paint - base color of natural tea or cream, base color of brown gold, bronze, copper, orange, red
Black permanent marker



Look at reference material and use the gray crayon to draw the basic outline of the armor on to the black fabric base while child is wearing the costume... for positioning and sizing purposes. Take clothing off and paint base colors in appropriate places Use gold, bronze, copper, orange and red in appropriate places over the base


Use puffy gold paint to draw on raised designs Draw edges with black permanent marker  

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