Haldir's Sword

Nyara emailed me about Haldir's sword being different...
And sent me links to pictures and I took a closer look at TTT screen snaps.

The picture on the left was labled as "Haldir's Weapons" in TORN's Scrapbook

Talon Darling sent me this picture of Haldir's sword in an email... it is painted.

Thanks to Darth Eagle who scanned in this drawing from the new Lord Of The Rings: Weapons and Warfare book

These pictures of Haldir's sword in London have been sent in by a few, but FilthyPhil got it to me first...
Nobody knows for sure who took the photo... if it was you and you want credit or want me to take it down,
email me.


Here are some scans sent by Darth Eagle of the Haldir Toy Sword and sheath

I figured out the size for my Haldir's Sword by doing a photo comparison.

Overall length: 49.5"
Blade Length: 36"
Blade Thickness: 1/4"
Blade Thickness: 2"

However, look how off I was!
Darth Eagle saw it in person and took measurements through the glass at an exhibit.

Overall Length: ~40"
Blade Length: ~30"
Blade Thickness: ~5/16"
Blade Width: ~1 3/4"

Click HERE for the on going discussion

My Haldir Sword Progress.

Because we made the sword in a matter of days before going to The Gathering
we simply didn't have time to take photos for the tutorial...

Using a printout of the drawing to sketch out the contour on a plank of wood,
my husband used a jigsaw to cut it out and a router to carve it.
I then sanded and paited it...

I previously made the sword out of wire, tin foil, papermache and gapoxio.
I don't recomment it unless you base is VERY sturdy. Mine wasn't and it cracked.
It was also very heavy on the blade because I made the blade too thick.

This is with the paper mache done, and some of the clay applied.



Check out Glorfindel's Sword Comparison... I think it's Haldir's.

Click for larger views